About Alia Abaza

Born in 2011,

Alia Abaza is an Egyptian, handmade ethnic brand. All pieces are handcrafted by designer and founder Alia Abaza, a self taught artist who has breathed art since childhood.

It all started in 2011 with a collection of hand-painted scarves, which was a great success.

In the next season, Alia Abaza launched her first clothing line of handmade t-shirts, vests, shorts, among other unique clothing articles.

Finally, beach bags in the following seasons quickly became a permanent bestseller. The brand continues to grow each season, with new points of sale diversified article lines, with consistency in trendsetting.

Alia Abaza gained its edge and much recognition due to the handmade embroidered embellishments that accentuate the clothes in a hip way, making each piece one of a kind.